Bachellor Cemetery

For burial or lot sales questions, call Harold Morse, Sheridan Township Sexton


Full Lot (4 Plots) – $200.00 Residents

Full Lot (4 Plots) – $600.00 Non-Residents

Half Lots Available

Under NO circumstance shall a burial be performed by any person other than the Bachellor Cemetery Sexton or his appointee. This includes the burial of caskets, vaults, urns, and cremains.

Lot Maintenance & Suggestions
As a courtesy and for the safety of cemetery employees, visitors, and maintenance equipment, the Sheridan Township Board requests your cooperation in the following areas:

  •  Mounds that hinder the free use of a lawn mower or other
    gardening apparatus are prohibited.
  • All urns, stones, benches, and markers must be in line with the
    headstone in front of the lot.
  • Only small stones are to be used, if a border contains them.
  • Shepherd hooks can be used if they point towards the headstones.
    If existing hooks are no longer in use, please remove them.
  • All shrubs and trees should be dwarf-sized and in line with the
  • Glass containers are not permitted.
  • No shrines are permitted.

Marlynn E. Gulembo
Township Clerk
Dated: November 20, 2007
Amended: August 17, 2021

Call Marlynn Gulembo, Clerk, at 231-462-3565, for genealogy information.